Flash 9 upgrade

This is a re-post from my MySpace blog.

If you want a better web surfing experience turn flash OFF. It sounds crazy but since I’ve converted my laptop from WindowsXP Pro to FreeBSD (6.1) and I’ve refused to install linux compatibility on my laptop, I have not had flash available at all. It does make browsing certain websites (SciFi, Fox, etc…) impossible to use (HINT to those sites, MAKE a HTML only website).

I don’t find myself to be in a bad position, most flash content is annoying as hell and I have had it blocked from loading for awhile anyhow. When it came to audio/video flash here on myspace, I have blocked several websites because I don’t care for hearing audio, or seeing videos in myspace profiles. Not only do I not care for hearing it, it INTERFERES with music I am playing, and since browsers haven’t learned how to control their own volume I ain’t dealing with it.

I’ll stick with FreeBSD and my lack of initiative to get flash working on it for as long as possible. Hell I still haven’t gotten my Java VM working on FreeBSD yet, although I do have a native java built and installed.