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FreeBSD and sudo defaults


Several weeks ago I started transitioning some Ubuntu VM’s to FreeBSD VM’s . On previous VM’s I was able to use the following command line without any problems sudo phing code-update After switching to FreeBSD I found that sudo, or its “sudo -E” variant, was having problems when running in sub shells. Phing svn tasks … Continued

nullfs and sockets


This is a re-post from my MySpace blog. UPDATE: This was fixed far better than I did it at the time in the stable/9 branch as of 2012-04-24 What happens on FreeBSD 6.x series machines using nullfs and sockets? At least in my current setup it fails. The scenario is that I am running mysql … Continued

Flash 9 upgrade


This is a re-post from my MySpace blog. If you want a better web surfing experience turn flash OFF. It sounds crazy but since I’ve converted my laptop from WindowsXP Pro to FreeBSD (6.1) and I’ve refused to install linux compatibility on my laptop, I have not had flash available at all. It does make … Continued