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ZfRest — RESTful-ness for Zend Framework 1


For both a client and my work we are working on creating a RESTful API. The problem is that all of the current solutions for Zend Framework are either one off (Resauce, ZfApiVersioning) or otherwise do not play well with a pre-built Zend Framework 1 application. The solution I was looking needed the following handle … Continued

MySQL Transactions and Altering Schema


While reviewing the log files for a project I am working on I came across a MySQL error that dealt with mismatched character sets. Specifically the table was set to latin1 and the connection was set to UTF8. This error was rare but happened at the right time for me to catch it, as I … Continued

Redux: PHP5 cronjob in Debian packages


After running into “session could not be started because it was already started with session_start() or session.auto_start” on a project, I realized that removing the cronjob is not the only thing that needs to happen to let PHP manage it’s own sessions. chmod www-data:www-data /var/lib/php5 update /etc/php5/apache2/php5.ini and set session.gc_probability = 1 I’m assuming that … Continued

Zend Framework 1.11 + PHPUnit 3.6 unit testing


At work we are up to date with PHPUnit  at 3.6, yet officially ZF1 will only support PHPUnit 3.4. Looking through the code there is some support for PHPUnit 3.5, but I actually make use of the additional assertions that PHPUnit 3.6 provides. Initially I had intended on just extending the Zend_Test PHPUnit classes but I … Continued