Cleaning up Ansible task formatting

I’ve been using Ansible for the last several years, and I’ve used YAML just as long. Yet a lot of playbooks and tasks for Ansible are often horribly formatted. This causes anger within me, so I want to let others know, that there is a better way.

“Use the YAML, Ansible Writers”

YAML may not be as expressive as other formats, however, as authors of roles and tasks for Ansible we can do better at formatting so that they are readable.

Example of hard to read

- name: download file
  get_url: url= dest=/usr/local/share/some.file

- name: update permissions
  file: path=/usr/local/share/some.file mode="0644"

Example of a more readable version of the above.

- name: download file
    dest: /usr/local/share/some.file

- name: update permissions
    path: /usr/local/share/some.file
    mode: "0644"

It’s easier to change change /usr/local/share/some.file into "{{ download_file_dest }}" because you don’t have parse the entire line and scroll over in your HEAD!

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