pure-authd external script failing


I have a PHP script handling authentication for pure-authd, and the problem is that it fails. After a reboot it is still failing. If I log in, restart it manually and monitor the log files, it works. As soon as I log out it fails! I’ve come to the conclusion that pure-authd doesn’t properly daemonize, … Continued

Updating your shell paths on OS X


Because I forget that ~/bin isn’t on my path, I am placing this here because I also search the internet all the time. Hopefully I’ll remember I put this here: echo “export PATH=$PATH:~/bin” >> ~/.profile

Leaving the LPi Development Team


It’s never easy leaving a great team. The last three years have been full of growth for me, both mentally and professionally. In those years I have been given the chance to integrate Phing as our deployment automation tool, learn more about coffee (thanks Eric!) and begin the path of mentoring without being completely condescending. … Continued

SPL FileObject & LimitIterator


Over that last couple of weeks I’ve come to use the SPL far more than I have in the past. The SplFileObject for reading CSV files is far more convenient than the fgetcsv() function, and associated code needed for a CSV file. Using the LimitIterator allowed me to easily bypass the first row of the … Continued

BlockList.de IP lists with CIDR notation


Several weeks ago one of the servers I manage ended up with a lot of comment spam. After several hours of searching through the logs and correlating the IP’s, I found out that a majority of the hosts were listed in the BlockList.de’s bots.txt file. I didn’t want to import ALL the IP’s on the … Continued

ZfRest — RESTful-ness for Zend Framework 1


For both a client and my work we are working on creating a RESTful API. The problem is that all of the current solutions for Zend Framework are either one off (Resauce, ZfApiVersioning) or otherwise do not play well with a pre-built Zend Framework 1 application. The solution I was looking needed the following handle … Continued

MySQL Transactions and Altering Schema


While reviewing the log files for a project I am working on I came across a MySQL error that dealt with mismatched character sets. Specifically the table was set to latin1 and the connection was set to UTF8. This error was rare but happened at the right time for me to catch it, as I … Continued

Creating a DHCP Server with vboxapi


While working on a project for work recently I stumbled across the need to create a network and associated DHCP server. The API documentation however only gave me the following reference to start the DHCP server. void start (in wstring networkName, in wstring trunkName, in wstring trunkType) trunkName and trunkType are not really documented in … Continued