FreeBSD and sudo defaults


Several weeks ago I started transitioning some Ubuntu VM’s to FreeBSD VM’s . On previous VM’s I was able to use the following command line without any problems sudo phing code-update After switching to FreeBSD I found that sudo, or its “sudo -E” variant, was having problems when running in sub shells. Phing svn tasks … Continued

Unix::ServiceConfig released


In 2004 I started working with multiple FreeBSD servers for multiple clients, that needed to be administered by non-admin users. I know you are saying “you idiot” and “why would a non-admin user need to administer the server?” I was hired as a consultant and they wanted to be able to add users, web hosts, … Continued

Value of IT certifications


The other day the COO, a co-worker, and I were talking about things happening at the Company, and a quick side trek into the value of IT certifications came up. My original stance on the subject was that certifications weren’t valuable and that the skills we end up sharpening are better. After talking with them … Continued

Converting Ubuntu VM from VMWare Fusion to VirtualBox


I’ve recently been converting some VMWare Fusion VM’s to VirtualBox and part of that process I had to re-remember how to do after having done it before. This serves as my memory, and some documentation, on how this is done.

jQuery 1.9+ event toggler plugin


With the release of jQuery 1.9 using .toggle() as .toggle(handler(eventObject),handler(eventObject)) was deprecated and removed. Last year one of my clients needed to use this functionality as they had other triggers happening at the same time as the content being shown or hidden. To assist with the upgrade I wrote a plugin for jQuery called ToggleEvent … Continued

PHPUnit and certainty of test cases with random data


Recently I was testing a function that generated slugs for an application. In order to make the slugs unique we would append the microtime to the slug if needed. After updating my data provider to account for using the microtime version of the slug I was receiving intermittent success for the test cases. Using microtime … Continued

Redux: PHP5 cronjob in Debian packages


After running into “session could not be started because it was already started with session_start() or session.auto_start” on a project, I realized that removing the cronjob is not the only thing that needs to happen to let PHP manage it’s own sessions. chmod www-data:www-data /var/lib/php5 update /etc/php5/apache2/php5.ini and set session.gc_probability = 1 I’m assuming that … Continued

FirePhp and Zend_Db_Table


While working on a project I kept receiving a blank screen after enabling a function that used Zend_Db_Table_ResultRow’s findManyToManyRowset(). The log file showed the following error, with a long stack trace of the FirePhp plugin looping on encoding the object. PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 83 bytes) … Continued